Monday, March 2, 2009

Lacy's blanket Part 4

I'm beginning to wonder how many times I will post about Lacy's blanket before it is finished. Any quesses? I must have too many projects or too much going on in my life. ;o I think once the blanket is completed I should go around the entire blanket with a 3rd color but I can't decide. Suggestions, please.

I now have 2 strips made and sewn together. I've started on the next blocks for the 3rd strip. The blanket is 50" long and I'm thinking it will be about 45" wide. I'm not sure about the width yet.

I'm also wondering if I would do better working on one project at a time. The way I am currently working on several different projects makes me feel like it take forever to finish something, kinda depressing. Tell me how you work on projects.

And here is a better photo of the finished shawl. 002


Chris said...

Since I get bored doing one project at a time, I usually have 3 or 4 going so I can switch off. Also keep a pair of socks or a scarf going to take along as they are small.

Wendy said...

I do so much better if I only stick to one project at a time. There are times that a project gets put to the side to make one that has been requested. Like my kids afghans, they sit waiting to be finished BUT have to make money...I also now have an afghan that needs to be joined for a friend in Florida that lost her husband, before Christmas, to brain cancer. I was hoping to have it joined and mailed to her by the end of February, but did not get all the squares, from various ladies, til Thursday, then of course I got sick..SO I am working on it here and there along with finishing the stole that was ordered. I think that the afghan would look wonderful with a darker pink for the border, not too much darker, but it would set it off.


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