Thursday, March 12, 2009

Hex blanket

Sunday I went in search of some yellow and lime green Caron Simply Soft Eco. 003 Unfortunately, I was only able to find the yellow. I'm going to use the yellow for the 3rd color of hexes and trim the blanket in lime green. Using the yellow as the 3rd color came from TheHatDiva as she pointed out it was on the opposite side of the color wheel. If I've calculated correctly and I probably haven't I need to make 16 yellow hexes. I have my centers made and I've started on the yellow hexes. Aren't they going to be pretty together? 005

Next question, what color thread do I use to stitch the hexes together? Medium grey so it will disappear?

I'm also trying to make a few centers for hexes and granny squares everyday. 006Don't ask what I'm going to use these hexes and granny's for as I don't know. I just can't stop making them. Is there a 12 step program for my addiction? :) I'm thinking I might make this shawl using the granny squares. I found the shawl over at Deb's Crafts.

Happy stitching!


Kar said...

I like the yellow. It is going to make the blanket look great.

I know about the addiction problem. And I don't think there is a 12 step program yet. YET!! :)

The granny square shawl is so cute! You will surely have to show pics if you decide to try it.

Have a great day Cindy! :)

CraftyGryphon said...

Hm. I usually use the lightest of whichever yarn to do the seaming along a join... which usually results in lots of little seams, but I promise, they're solid!

Wendy said...

That is going to be sooo pretty when done..I just love those colors together...I like color...I do not use a color wheel, just whatever I like is what I use...may be wild sometimes, but fun...
Took yesterday off from packing to recover and I feel so much better today, so I am doing the same today...I will finish up an afghan. Tomorrow it will be back to packing.
Have a great day....
Have a great day......

Kookie said...

I have a granny square & hex' addiction too, it's good to know I'm not alone : )

You do lovely work, I've enjoyed browsing your blog.


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