Friday, October 2, 2009

Neck pillow

Nikolas and Greg fall asleep as soon as we start driving down the road. YAY!! ;) Of course, their little head's fall over and it looks like they are breaking their necks. I know it would make my neck hurt. So I did what any Gran-Gran would do, I made them matching neck pillows. I made them both from the same fabric, got  to try to keep the wars at a minimum. lol I will be making more of these for the boys as they were sew easy.

Happy sewing!


Fiesta said...

Cindy what a great idea. I will have to whip one up for Lilybug for when she visits. Yours is adorable with the halloween fabric.

Pat said...

GREAT idea...I know I've always felt badly when my grandkids fell asleep in the car and their little heads were flopped to the side! You are very clever!!!!

Kar said...

Those are absolutely adorable. Love the fabric. You will surely have to make one for each holiday and season. :)

ROZ said...

Great idea!

Jean said...

What a great idea....I always hate it when I see baby's heads rolling around after falling to sleep in strollers too.


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