Monday, October 5, 2009

Apple orchard

Yesterday we went to Lacy Lovell's apple orchard. The big and little kids had a blast. It didn't take this old woman long to start looking for a place to sit down. It turned off cold I'm sure it was because the wind was blowing and there was misting of rain off and on. They had lots of yummy things to eat, bouncing house, hay rides and a petting zoo. They had some vendors selling things I wasn't interested in. Lacy, Melanie and I were sorry we didn't go yesterday as the Amish were there selling jams, jelly, breads and other goodies. Well, they called it a petting zoo. Lacy bought apples and I'm going to make a carmel sauce to pour over them.

The little city boys weren't too sure about the animals.
Notice Greg's knitted pumpkin hat, Lacy's friend made it and it is too cute.

This thing was the power for the ice cream maker. They had vanilla and apple. I never heard of apple ice cream.

Nikolas wasn't too sure about the bounce houses.
He got over it real quick.

Have a wonderful Monday!


Fiesta said...

Cindy it looks like everyone had a wonderful day. Apple vanilla icecream actually sounds yummy.

Pat said...

Seems like a fun outing....even if it was a bit chilly. Sorry you missed the Amish, though. They are never at anything but church on Sundays and all their markets are closed on Sundays, too, so I understand why they'd not be there.

Jean said...

What a fun day...I love the apple orchard. I need to go there and get some fresh apples. Haven't been yet this fall.
Fall turned cold and windy here last week too. Crazy weather.


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