Friday, October 23, 2009

Moving Day

My little neighbors are gone. Tuesday the movers came and packed up everything for them. I Monster sat for them so Monster wouldn't be upset. I rather enjoyed having Monster here, I talked to him just like I would Greg or Nikolas. I know I'm crazy.

Rob hooked him to the cabinet because he was afraid Monster would annoy me. His little face is so ugly it's cute. lol

They wanted to do something for me Monster-sitting and they did a good job.
Cookies! Chocolate chip carmel macademia nut. Yummy!

Greg was not impressed when he got here and saw Monster. lol

Have a great weekend!


Pat said...

Cute dog!!! Like you ugly he is cute. WHY is he named Monster?? LOL

Fiesta said...

Ah , he is a cutie. I know you will miss them but I am sure you will keep in contact with them.

Kar said...

What a cute name, Monster! LOL!!!!

Love the shawl. Very pretty colors!



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