Thursday, October 8, 2009


I have really been neglecting my quilting so that I could sew items to sell. I enjoy making these items from picking out the fabric to seeing the finished item. However, it just isn't the same. Sew, I am trying to make a schedule. I may have to make many changes to my schedule until I get it right.

The first day I started my schedule I made 2 neck pillows, 12 boogie wipes and cut a bazillion strips of fabric to use for flowers. I was exhausted that night but it was a nice exhaustion.

The next day I cut and sewed 44 circles to use for 22 flower petals and I still have a lot of flowers to go.

Remember this fabric that Betsy sent to me and this is how far I had got. Well I have been making flowers. I think I need more, don't you. Should I applique' some on there or just continue with the dimensional flowers?

When I posted this the first time someone thought I was making a tree. Well I guess I am but it is a flower tree. The flowers are just laid on there, they will be added after I quilt it. Here are some close-ups of the flowers minus the covered buttons and the yo-yo's to give you an idea of how it looks.


Pat said...

I really like the dimensional flowers and think you should continue with them.

Fiesta said...

yes I do too. Actually you should send this in to a quilt magazine and try to get it published. It is so cool and unique that I think you may have a shot. I love your creativity.

Jean said...

I agree with Pat and Betsy...these are adorable. If you are getting tired of making them, you could always applique a few in too, using a different flower.

CraftyGryphon said...

I agree with Fiesta - that's a lovely quilt, and I can't recall seeing anything quite like it (and I've been to a LOT of quilt shows over the years). I really like the 3-D flowers!

fabricartist21 said...

Really cute flowers and i love the quilt, thanks for joining my blog and you are in the pot for the giveaway.


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