Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Halloween quilt

All the blocks are finished and the sashing is done. I think it is pretty cute. Now the question. Does it need another border?  I just can't decide.

Please help me decide.


Fiesta said...

cindy it is so cute. what size is it?

Jean said...

Very cute...I think I would put a narrow border of the black skeletons, it seems to finish it off. You don't want to overpower it, maybe about 2"...though it is hard to say without knowing size. Is the sashing about an inch?

Pat said...

If you put another border, I'd think it has to be a rather narrow border, too...since the quilt is longer than it is wide, a wide border would over-power the main part of the quilt, in my opinion. The border fabric is cute!

Barb said...

Good for you!!!! Job well done....maybe it doesn't need a border, looks good by itself.


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