Monday, December 21, 2009


I wanted to find some yummy treats that were quick. Little boys do not have any patience when they need something sweet to eat. Thank goodness for google. These two treats turn the boys into chocolate covered monsters. lol

White Candy Fantasy Clusters

I did not use the vanilla bark I just used chocolate as I'm not a big fan of vanilla.

CHIPS AHOY! Warm S'Mores

I left the coconut out as Lacy and Nikolas don't care for it. Both were very yummy.

Have a great week!

10 more days


Fiesta said...

They do look yummy!

Pat said...

YUMMMM...and of course, they are low-calorie, right? LOL

Laurel H. said...

Love it! I blogged about a quick and easy cookie candy bark recipe that I'd found online

I think I missed something; ten more days until...?

ROZ said...

Yum yum, and I think that these goodies will vanish--puff


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