Thursday, December 17, 2009


This move has me so overwhelmed. It isn't so much the packing because we do have packers coming in on the 4th and then the movers will be here on the 5th. I think it is a combination of the move, Christmas and the fact that Hubbykins is already in TX. Did I dare add the stress of worrying about Lacy and Nikolas? Some days I feel like all I have done is walk in a circle. Not good. I know everything will come together and be just fine but I still worry.

I guess Betsy was sensing I was having trouble "getting it together" because she sent me this wonderful journal. I did remember to take a pictures before I started filling the pages with the yucky stuff involved with moving. :D

I'll try to get back tomorrow with some of the other goodies that Betsy sent for Christmas. Thanks again, Betsy.

Have a wonderful day!

P.S. Thanks to the internet I have the addresses of several quilt shops in my area.


Fiesta said...

quilt shops in your new area.? Now that is motivation enough for me to pack. Maybe you can teach a class there Cindy

Barb said...

I guess I am totally out of the loop but that was sooo wonderful of Betsy, she is totally awesome.

What part of Texas are you moving to?

Pat said...

CUTE journal cover!!! I'm sure it will all go smoothly, but I know moves are stressful even when everything does go as planned.

The Quilting Pirate said...

Betsy is just a wonderful person! And there are TONS of quilt shops in must go to the Quilt Asylum-'m dying to get there one day....I might be visiting Texas again in April...mmmmmm....


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