Monday, December 7, 2009


Sickness has taken over my life. I've been sick for 21 days and Greg is approaching 40 days. Tuesday afternoon of last week I got so sick I retired to the bed with the laptop. I was sleeping 2 hrs waking up drinking using bathroom reading on the internet for a bit and back to sleep. This continued until Friday. I probably needed to go back to the dr but I didn't want to go the hospital which is where I was afraid he would send me.

I did have a good day Thanksgiving day. lol Instead of cleaning I decorated Christmas shirts for the boys.

Nikolas's shirt was in the washing machine.

We had Thanksgiving Friday after. My husband, his son and his 2 grandsons arrived Friday morning at 4:30. Since the guys had drove all night they needed a nap so we ate about 2:30. Lacy did a wonderful job with pumpkin pies, apple pies and peach cobbler. My husband's grandsons wanted pumpkin pie before their meal. lol No, their dad did not agree to that.

We had a wonderful time while they were here. Eating, watching movies, playing Monoply and talking. The visit was much too short as the men had to be back to work on Tuesday morning.

On Dec. 2nd Nikolas was diagnoised with a mild form of autisim. On Dec. 28th Nikolas has an appt for a 2nd opinion with an autisim specialist which will also give us a lot more details. The treatment of autisim has advanced so much in the last years that I have no doubt Nikolas can over come this.

I have more news but so I don't bore you I will spread it out. I hope everyone has a wonderful week. Stay warm!


Fiesta said...

Cindy I am so glad you were able to have a bit of fun there in between your sickness.
Everything will turn out well.
I like the Christmas tops for the boys. They are stylin'

Pat said...

What a great background you have on your blog! I'm not good at that. I thought I was getting the hang of it and one time I messed up the whole blog. Once I got it fixed, I said, "NEVER AGAIN" for me. LOL CUTE Santa shirt. Feel better soon and I'm sure everything will work out fine with Nikolas. Hugs to you from Delaware.


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