Monday, December 28, 2009


Betsy's sister makes dolls and Betsy got her to make me one and Lacy a doll plastic bag holder. They are too cute!

This is my doll. Hubby has done some teasing about me getting a doll for Christmas but it is all good fun.

This is Lacy's bag holder. Greg has smothered her in kisses. lol The doll's faces are hand embroidered. I think you can see the details of the face if you click on the picture.

Lacy and I are just tickled to have one of these dolls Thanks so much, Betsy and Sister.

4 more days


Pat said...

How CUTE!!!

Fiesta said...

I am glad that theyy are well loved. Ms. Cindy, every girl needs a doll no matter how old we are.

Barb said...

Sooo cute!!! I have a cabbage patch doll...and now Carmen is fun!!

The Quilting Pirate said...

LOL...I love the pirate doll!


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