Thursday, December 24, 2009

"An Embroidered Christmas"

"An Embroidered Christmas"
by Sarah Kochanowski

'Twas just before Christmas
and all through the town
No embroidery machine was quiet
Not one was shut down

The threads were all hung
on their racks with care
in hopes that beautiful designs
would soon come to bear

When from the computer
There rose such a clatter
I sprang from my Machine
to see what was the matter

My e-mail had sounded
and alerted me to
Free designs from Embroider This!
They were ready to view!

I dashed to's
Free Design page what did I see?
over 200 Free Designs
Just waiting for me!

On Napkins, On Bibs, On Handkerchiefs they go
On Tote Bags, On Bloomers, On Guest Towels
We sew
On Linens On Kitchen Towels, On Pillows they go
Now Stitch Away, Stitch Away, Stitch Away, and Sew!

Then I heard them Exclaim
As they opened their gifts
We love them, We love them, We love them so much!
But the best present of all was Your Personal Touch!


Fiesta said...

feliz navidad

Jean said...

Love it...have a wonderful holiday!

Kar said...

Merry Christmas Cindy to you and your family!



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