Monday, May 2, 2011

Ugly 10 minute block quilt

Last Wednesday I cut all the blocks for this quilt and I made all the 10 minute blocks. When I finished that I was too tired to sew the blocks into rows. I worked on it a little more Thurs and Fri but Saturday Lacy and I left at 730 to go get in line at a childrens store. Yes, I said get in line. Lacy had a 40 % off coupon. Let me just say that Chelsi does not need anymore clothes in size 0-3 mths.

That's all I'm showing, I don't want anyone to be overcome with cuteness. lol

Here is the ugly quilt.
I did the cathedral roll on this one.
Happy quilting!


Toni said...

Oh Cindy, share all the cuteness!! I know how excited you both are for this little girl!! How FUN!!

Now, I actually like your ugly quilt! great way to use up your fabric and I think it looks just as warm!

Lindabee said...

Just don't forget she can only wear one outfit at a time, and little girls aren't usually as messy as little boys. LOL.

Barb said...

First off, that is no an ugly quilt (but I will say, I perferr the smaller blocks) between the two I made.

That little one of yours is going to be rotten before she ever enters this are having way tooo much fun.....

Yvette said...

Yes, I would say that Chelsi is al set on clothes. LOL!!!

Fiesta said...

I too think the ugly quilt is quite nostalgic, and I love all those cute clothes.

Rosalyn Manesse said...

What darling clothes--I love all those little girl things. and I like your quilt, it has a nice, calm feeling to it. I never achieve that, most of my quilts are a bit on the chaotic side.


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