Friday, April 29, 2011

Things That I Love/Package

Betsy sent me a wonderful package.

I got these wonderful blocks for my Things That I Love quilt.
 I think she picked the right woman for each of us. Just too cute!
Plus she sent three more blocks for my quilt. The little pumpkin will be applique'd onto a background.

Look what a wonderful panel. I'm taking it next week to match to fabric so I can start working on it.
I'll be blogging about my plan for the panel real soon.

I just love this pattern she sent me for Mother's Day. I intend to prep the first block this weekend. I must admit the borders scare me.

I love that Betsy sends me quilt magazines that she is finished with. Look at that cute pattern in the right corner. I better get busy cutting circles.
Happy quilting!


Toni said...

Holy Moly!! Betsy rocks socks!! :) secret mission package is going into the mail this weekend...mwhwhahaha...wonder where it's going and what's inside? :)

Enjoy your blocks!

Jean said...

wow....nice lots of goodies....Betsy is the greatest!

Fiesta said...

Cindy, I so love sending you things because I know you use themand that alone makes me feel good.
I am working on more blocks for our team so more will be coming in a few weeks. Got to get thru the end of year school events that are overwhelming.I knew you would love the pattern. Enjoy. If the border is not what you like, with your talent , you can easily change it.

Barb said...

Oh my gosh...your post is packed full of eye candy.....that Betsy is a sweet heart.

I have those lady panels, I will make one for Toni.....yes....I am joining the two of you....


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