Thursday, May 12, 2011


Well, that certainly wasn't a catchy title, was it?

I made this little sweater to try the pattern. I will be making some changes when I make the next sweater and I still need to pick up some white ribbon for the ties.

I thought it looked kinda plain so I add those little flowers. hmm, maybe I will make one more for the other side.

Also, I am opening a store. I don't know exactly when or where but I'm working on getting some things made before I open. Plus, I have to make sure I'm not making something to sale that the designer has specified the maker is not to make and sale.

Have a great day!


Toni said...

I love this little sweater, so precious!!! I think flowers on the oneside is perfectly fine - of course you need to make a matching hair bow now LOL :)

WOOO HOOO!! I can't wait to see your store being open, very exciting!!

Lindabee said...

Cute little sweater, and I love the flowers. Hope the store does well for you. Will you be doing only baby things, or some crocheted hats for us northerners?

Fiesta said...

Fabulous sweater Cindy. I too am excited about your store. Send me the link to post on my blog when you decide to open it.

Yvette said...

Now this is the cutest thing ever! OMG!!!!! You are almost wanting me to have a baby. Never mind. LOL

Barb said...

What an adorable sweater!!

Rhonda said...

Oh Cindy, how precious!

Kim D. said...

Very Sweet!

Suzanne said...

You did a nice job!


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