Friday, May 6, 2011

Ready for a tropical vacation

I think Chelsi is now ready for the tropics, thanks to Barb. Barb sent me this piece of fabric and it was too pretty to cut but when I found out we were getting a Chelsi I knew I could cut it. lol I was real nervous cutting the scallops out.
I think this is the last newborn dress.

Happy quilting!


Toni said...

OOOOO now she needs some cute sandals!! How pretty!

Fiesta said...

wow, she is going to be stylin.

Jean said...


Barb said...

That is just toooo cute!!

Yvette said...

OMG! She is going to be the best dressed baby in town.

kathy b said...

it is so lovely and such a cute cut. What a lucky lucky little one. WOuld you conisder whipping one up for a patient of mine???? She'd look great in it. What would you charge me???? Just a thought.


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