Friday, May 27, 2011


Thursday morning after dropping the two older boys off at "school", Lacy and I went shopping. Lacy had a coupon for Kids to Kids and I had one for Joann's. We stopped first at Hobby Lobby because I had used all of the owl fabric after making 5 dress and had orders for 2 more dresses.
The stripe will be the ruffle.

We looked on a few different aisles and as we started out the door I spotted it. Of course, Lacy purchased it for the boys and as soon as Aiden saw it he started screaming "mine". Did I mention that Aiden screamed "mine" repeatedly?

The boys love their little table and want to eat every meal sitting there. What ever works to get them to eat.

Next stop was Kid to Kid. Oh my, I could go wild in there. Lacy was looking at bow holders and I turned to look at the clothes and I immediately saw this. It came with a white bed skirt with a pale pink stripe, it's in the washer.

The bed skirt is very plain so we are going back after pink bows and I will sew them on. Of course, I will show you when I'm done.

Finally we got to Joann's. I had purchased Barb's octopus baby quilt pattern and I want this quilt finished before the baby shower (June 4th). At first I wasn't going to tell Lacy but I wanted her to pick the fabrics.
The solid pink will be the background for the octopus. The pink and brown is the backing.

Happy quilting!

P.S. If you need me, I will be sewing until the dresses and octopus quilt are finished. lol


Metanoia said...

love the owl fabric!! so cute!!

Toni said...

How fun!!! I can't wait to see your version of the octopus!

Fiesta said...

Cindy, I love that bassinett and that owl fabric is to die for. you may have to save me a 5 inch piece. lol

Barb said...

What a fun post...I had fun shopping with you....what great finds .... lovely fabrics....

Yvette said...

I love all of your purchases.

OK, are all three of the boys big brothers to the new baby???

kathy b said...

Oh the pink parade! SO CUTE. Love the bassinet. be sure the mattress fits very snugly and all that.. sorry the NICU nurse in me worries!!!! Can't wait to see it all done. I think we recommend no bumpers is always changing. Check though, before you waste your precious time .......

Kim D. said...

Love the owl fabric, so cute. The boys are adorable and that bassinet, oh my when you get finished decorating it, it will be spectacular. Happy stitching and keep that stride.


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