Monday, February 14, 2011

Monday Milestones 2/5-2/11

Last Week's Goals 2/5-2/11
  1. Lazy Heart Feb block-prep, applique' (Lacy and Cindy)
  2. Boot Bash Feb block-prep, applique'  (Lacy and Cindy) 
  3. Cowboys and Indians-applique' 3 tepees, 3 cowboys, 3 indians, 4 sheriff stars; cut 4 ivory, 6 blue 
 cut 10 blocks, applique'd 2 tepee, 0 cowboy 0 indian 0 sheriff's star 

This Week's Goals 2/12-2/18
  1. Snowball quilt - layer, baste, quilt
  2. Cowboys and Indians-applique 2 cowboys, 2 Indians, 3 sheriff's stars 
Happy quilting!


    The Quilting Pirate said...

    You are always so successful with your weekly goals!

    Barb said...

    I see that you did your boot bash...but I don't see a picture?

    Fiesta said...

    where is Be Atttitudes?
    Congratulations on completing your goals.
    Beca is helping me with the Be attitudes quilt. SHe clips the threads for me. She does not know that it is for her new home.LOL

    Yvette said...

    Good luck getting all of it done!

    kathy b said...

    I want to see those cowboys and indians!!!! You go!


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