Tuesday, February 1, 2011

January/February Goals

Well, let's see how I did in January.
  • Batik Hexagon-make more hexes, sew hexes together (made 2-6 hex and 1-8 hex flower)
  • Farm Quilt-finish blocks, add sashing between blocks (25 blocks total 25 completed)
  • (bunny, crow, chick, monkey, bee, beehive,cat, cow, tractor, paw print, horse, hat, sheep, puppy, A, I, D, E, N)
  • My Flower Garden-finish tying
  • Pretty 'n Pink-complete last block, add borders, applique' borders
Plus I completed the following:
  • Lazy Hearts January BOM
  • Boot Bash January BOM
  • Cut 25 8" blocks using various fabrics
  • Cut 60 2.75" squares
  • Made 22 Snowball blocks
  • R wall hanging 
  • Prepped Jan Be Warm block 
  • Applique'd Be Warm block 
  • String Pieced Quilt - layer, baste, quilt
  • Table Topper

    Well, January I did pretty good so let's see how I can do in February. I have several finished quilt tops that just need to be quilted, so I'm going to try to quilt one per month starting with the oldest.

    • Emilee's Winding Ways - applique' blocks, sew blocks together 
    • Feb Lazy Heart BOM - prep and applique'
    • Feb Boot Bash BOM - prep and applique'
    • Feb Be Attitude - prep and applique'
    • Snowball - layer, baste, quilt 
    • String Quilt - quilt
    • Cowboys and Indians - cut 10 - 7 1/2" ivory squares, cut 10 - 7 1/2" squares using various blues, applique' 5 teepees, applique' 5 indians, applique' 5 cowboys, applique' 5 sheriff stars

    Happy quilting!


    Barb said...

    Have you found that this helps you get more done.

    Yvette said...

    Very productive!

    Lists are the way to go.


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