Monday, February 7, 2011

Monday Milestones 1/29-2/4

Last Week's Goals 1/28-2/4
  1. Be Attitude Feb block-prep; applique'
  2. Emilee's Winding Ways-finish blocks need to rip it out AGAIN
  3. String pieced-quilt
  4. Cowboys and Indians-jut getting started not sure how many blocks I can do  cut 6 blocks, applique'd 1 tepee, 1 cowboy 1 indian
This Week's Goals 2/5-2/11
  1. Lazy Heart Feb block-prep, applique' (Lacy and Cindy)
  2. Boot Bash Feb block-prep, applique'  (Lacy and Cindy) 
  3. Cowboys and Indians-applique' 3 tepees, 3 cowboys, 3 indians, 4 sheriff stars; cut 4 ivory, 6 blue

    If you wish to do your own Monday Milestones, be sure to visit Kim (A Peach In Stitches) and put your link on her post! 


    Fiesta said...

    sounds like you have your hands full again.

    The Quilting Pirate said...

    Busy, busy, busy!!! :)

    Barb said...

    It seems that writing your goals down helps to accomplish them but also allows you to remember what you plan to do, I plan something and then forget....HA!!

    Susan In Texas said...

    Wow! Another blogger in Fort Worth. What a small world. Thank you for your kind words on my blog. I enjoy reading your goals; that's a really good idea, I should do that too!

    Happy quilting,
    Susan in Texas

    Yvette said...

    You can do it! Enjoy the process too.


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