Wednesday, November 4, 2009

November Cottage

November's cottage arrived on the 2nd. What a great way to start the month! Thanks, Yvette. We now have 7 cottages and I love them everyone. I say this every month so you only have to hear it 5 more times I can't wait to make this quilt.

I am really enjoying this swap. Unlike the other swap I was in recently where I received nothing and the hostess hasn't followed up and the deadline to mail was 30 days ago. So once again, thank you.

Happy quilting!

P.S. Please keep Greg in your prayers, he has H1N1 aka swine flu. Poor little baby just lays there.


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Fiesta said...

Cindy I am sorry to hear about Greg. He is already in my prayers.

Jean said...

So sorry to hear he is sick...I hope he is feeling better soon.
I got my block yesterday too....they are adorable.

Yvette said...

Ahhhhh, poor guy. I work for an Orthodontist and our patients are canceling their appt's due to this flu. Out of 7 of us that work in the office, 2 have fallen with this flu. My new best friend is Purell. LOL

Glad you liked the block. I can't wait to get them all and put them together. It will be interesting to see what everyone comes up with.

Barb said...

That does look like a fun swap...where was i when sign up came around?

ROZ said...

Get well soon, Greg.


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