Friday, November 20, 2009

I won

I don't win much because I don't comment on giveaway post unless I am a regular follower. Plus if the item is something I don't think I will enjoy I certainly won't comment.

Rhonda has been giving away embroidery blocks for her regular followers only once a month, she has discontinued until after the holiday. Isn't that a great idea? I wish I had thought of that.  Rhonda has offered up some real  beauties and finally I won. Actually, in Nov Rhonda offered two. Pat won one and I won the other. It is beautiful. It is hanging on the wall currently so I can enjoy looking at it and hopefully I will decide what to do with it.

Click the image to enhance your drooling. ;)

Thank you so much, Rhonda.


Fiesta said...

congratulations. Did Rhonda embroider those? It looks so intricate.

Lindabee said...

Yea You!! Congratulations, Cindy.

SewCalGal said...



Pat said...

Rhonda's work is wonderful and I'm blessed to have won twice in her giveaways. Enjoy your's lovely!

Laurel H. said...

Congratulations!! Now neither of us can say we never win anything, yes?!!


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