Friday, August 21, 2009


Just look at all the yarn! I have never crocheted with this type of yarn before but I intend to learn and put all this beautiful yarn to good use. I do know this type of thread is used in doilies but I'm wondering what else it is used for. Such beautiful colors! Thanks, Betsy!
I've done some searching and this type of yarn is also used for bedspreads and shawls. I found a really cute pattern for coasters and I'm going to make some of those to start with. I can't imagine making a bedspread with this thread since the thread is so tiny.

Happy hooking!


Fiesta said...

my mother in lawmade doillies, double sided coaster which are really nice, towel edges. I would have loved to have made a bedspread cover but my skills are not that advanced.
I am sure you will make lovely pretties.
Oh, I used to make baby blanket trim with it, gives it a nice soft touch.

CraftyGryphon said...

There's a lady on the train home that makes amazing pillowcase edgings with it. I've used the thicker stuff (10?) to crochet a sweater for my carpool driver. It works wonderfully for fillet crochet, and for tiny decorative crochet flowers, too!

ROZ said...

tons of uses for this kind of crochet thead--tying quilts, making little flowers that can be sewn to pin backs; coasters, placemats, and so on

Lindabee said...

My Mom used to crochet with that kind of thread. When I was a kid, our teachers got hankies with crocheted edges for Christmas. They were absolutely beautiful, and I still have a box of the ones that Mom made. Have fun with it. said...

Oooh I just want to jump into those yarns, lovely! Suzie xxx

Pat said...

I had a friend years back who crocheted a queen-sized bedspread with that. It was beautiful but it took her FOREVER. I love the colors you got......can't wait to see what you make.


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