Thursday, August 27, 2009

Baby Greg

Baby Greg told me he wanted a sweater with a matching hat. I finished the sweater but my model is trying to get tooth #6 and would not leave the sweater on long enough for a picture. I still have the hat to make but I have a little time. I'm hoping that I can measure Nikolas soon so I can make him a sweater. That boy never stands still. Grandbabies are so much fun!
Happy hooking!


Fiesta said...

definetly very nice. said...

Love it! Yes they are great, because you can give them back again!! Suzie :)

Kar said...

The sweater turned out very nice! Greg is going to look FAB in it. Good luck with your knitting class. Socks are super fun to make. Not hard at all when you get the feel for it. I taught myself from a book.


ROZ said...

three colors! What a cute sweater


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