Wednesday, August 12, 2009


The August block for the cottage swap came last week while I was staying with the boys. I barely got to look at it before I took off again. Isn't it cute? Now there are several rumors floating around about who the stunning lady in the window is. I think Jean did a fantastic job.

Here is May, June, July and August blocks. I can't wait to get to put this quilt together.
Happy quilting!

P.S. Did you cut out a friendship bag yet?


Fiesta said...

let me clear the rumor for you Ms. Cindy, it is me!
I cut out a bag but I am not able to do the swap at this time. It is a cute bag but it is tiny.
I like the look of all the cottages together like that.

Jean said...

Sorry to burst Betsy's bubble, but the blonde is definitely you!!! I was lurking outside one day and snapped this pic! Betsy was on her block!

ROZ said...

These houses are co cute

The Quilting Pirate said...

I haven't cut my bag out yet, because I'm waiting to see what color choices my partner wants. I can't wait to get my partner info!!

I'm so loving my cottages!


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