Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Do I have your address?

Found a very easy pattern for crocheted coasters. I'm talking so easy it takes like 5/10 minutes maybe to make one. I like making things that I can make and carry on a conversation, watch TV, etc. So if I have your address you will be receiving a set of 4 coasters. These will be mailed as I get them completed. The pink trimmed in red were made for Lacy and I, DH and Jon didn't want that color. :P I had this little bit of yarn left so I made the yellow, green, white and purple just because. Did you guess that the camo coasters were for the guys?

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Kar said...

Thanks for stopping by Cindy. I am originally from outside the Houston area but the hill country is my favorite part of Texas. You just can't beat the gorgeous color of all those bluebonnets and paintbrushes too, can you! I am lucky that there are a few places here in Idaho where we go hiking there are lupines and I get to see the wonderful blue color, though not as vivid as back home.


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