Wednesday, October 31, 2012


I've had this light for about a year. It puts out great light and only cost me $20. The problem I have with it is where to set it so it doesn't blind me or cast a shadow. I've moved into several places so you can see my problem. Please ignore my clutter that is all for projects I'm currently working on.
This position definitely does not work.
In this position it glares off the plate and blinds me. Plus it throws a shadow on the left of the pressure foot.
Today I thought to move the light into this position. It doesn't blind me but I do still have a shadow on the left.
The perfect place for the light would be on the left side, right in the way of what I'm working on. Suggestions? I thought about getting a small light that would stick to the machine, like a book light.

Thanks for any help.  Happy quilting!!


Rhonda said...

Can you place the base of the lamp on some sort of stand to give it a little more height and the stand could have space inside it that holds some of your sewing things....did that make a 3 sided box thingy....;-)

Barb said...

None here, sorry!


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