Monday, July 25, 2011

Nighty night

Lacy found some night gowns on etsy that she wanted for Chelsi. Oh my, they wanted $40 for one. Sometimes etsy is a little pricey. Lacy sent me the link and ask me could I make one. So last week I found a plain white tee shirt at a resale shop for .99. It was time to see if I could make a $40 nighty. I learned on this one and know what changes I will make next time.
I thought the tee shirt part needed a little dressing up. I remembered that Betsy had sent me a bag of trims for my crazy quilt. I think it is too cute.
I always see threads I missed trimming when I post the photos. ;)

I also purchased some solid pink onesies that I will applique' on and then add skirts to.

Happy sewing!!


Sweet P said...

What an adorable nightie! I'm sure it will be loved.

Yvette said...

Now that's cute! I couldn't imagine paying that for a child's nightgown. I wouldn't even pay that for me. LOL!

Barb said...

Soooo adorable!


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