Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Lazy Heart BOM July

Once again Rhonda out did herself on the heart pattern. Rhonda's pattern had a vine and flower but Lacy and I felt that the heart was beautiful alone.
Then I removed the narrow strips on each end of the first row and added one wider strip on the right. Now mine looks like Lacy's.
Gave mine a little red bird button from Button Mad on the January block.
Lacy's got a blue bird.
Here is all of Lacy's blocks.
Happy quilting!


Fiesta said...

It's coming right along Cindy. Looks beautiful.

Barb said...

I agree with Betsy, it is going to be one beautiful quilt!

Yvette said...

These are going to be great quilts. I agree that the block looks great just like that.

kathy b said...

Oh how i love ALL the hearts..heart them heart heart heart them

Kim D. said...

I love your patriot heart and I agree it looks great just the way it is. Those little birdie buttons are just as cute as they can be. They really add a little dimension to the quilt.


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