Monday, March 7, 2011

Basket Liner

Running With Scissors inspired me to do something about my basket. As you can see my basket holds my makeup.

I don't have a makeup bag because I refuse to pay the ridiculous price they charge for them and I don't do zippers. :(

My new makeup basket liner.  

Happy quilting!


Tonya said...

did you see my zipper tutorial on my blog?

Barb said...

Your post made me smile....just a little it!

Rhonda said...

Yes, watch the tutorial on Tonya's's great and your liner is wonderful!!!

Yvette said...

Now that looks pretty and girly!

I have a bazillion makeup bags that my mom keeps giving me that she gets free when she buys makeup. LOL!

kathy b said...

awwww what a fun little basket.... Love the idea

ROZ said...

Nice lining! How about getting a rectangular basket sometime? I should talk--I don't even wear makeup--only lipstick--I'm allergic


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