Friday, March 4, 2011


This is the first applique' book I bought.
I didn't make many of the projects in the book but I learned how to applique' and the lady in the fabric dept at Walmart started talking to me one day about what I was applique'ing. She invited me to the local quilt guild and showed me this book.
I made a lot of quilts from this Sunbonnet Sue book.

Then I got this book for my birthday.
I love this book. I have read it from cover to cover many times.

Then Toni made a post that I questioned her about. Toni mentioned something about prepping applique' pieces and I asked if she did needleturn. So she sent me this link and recommended I purchase Applique' The basics and beyond by Janet Pittman. Why didn't someone tell me about this book years ago? I love it!!!!

I have made two blocks using the method that Toni linked me to. The Sunbonnet Sue was the first block and the kite was the second.
I made some mistakes on Sue but my thinking was the pieces were large so they would be easy to learn on.

Once again I made some mistakes on the kite but this time I thought this design would be easy as it didn't have any curves.

I love using fusible where I cut the center of the fusible away making the piece softer. The block just seems to come alive as I stitch around the design with the blanket stitch.

What method of applique' do you use?

Happy quilting!

P.S. In case you haven't figured it out, Lacy is having a girl.


Fiesta said...

Cindy, i like your blocks.
my favorite method is needleturn but now I do it the reverse way instead of making a bunch of templates. This works better for me .

Jean said...

I like using freezer paper so I can turn the edges under, and fusible web. Very cute blocks!

Pat said...

Congrats on the expected granddaughter!!!

Yvette said...

Yay on the baby girl!! You are going to have so much fun!!

For the needleturn look I use the freezer paper and starch method I learned from Pearl Peireira's dvd. For the blanket stitch look I use Misty Fuse so it is soft and not still. When I am lazy I use Steam a seam lite. LOL!

kathy b said...

Ahhhhh, I did not notice! Of course! All that pink think worked! hooray I know you are thrilled.
I love the bonnet quilt

Barb said...

So neither of those are the raw edge applique?

I like the freezer paper when I do do needle turn.


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