Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday Milestones 1/15-1/21

Last Week's Goals 1/15-1/21
  1. Applique' 6 farm blocks
  2. Make more hexagons Made 23
  3. Make 10 snowball blocks Made 2
  4. Sew 40 HST
  5. Sew hexagons together
  6. Sew last block for Pretty 'n Pink 
  7. Applique' Be Warm block 
  8. Cut 5 more 8" squares 
This Week's Goals 1/22-1/29
  1. Finish farm blocks 
  2. Add sashing to farm blocks
  3. Make 8 snowball blocks
  4. Make 3 eight hexagon flowers
  5. Layer and baste string pieced quilt
  6. Finish quilting Serenity Prayer wall hanging.
If you wish to do your own Monday Milestones, be sure to visit Kim (A Peach In Stitches) and put your link on her post!
    Happy quilting!


        Fiesta said...

        sounds like a good plan Cindy.

        The Quilting Pirate said...

        WOW Woman!! You are a sewing fool this past week. I can't imagine putting 8 goals on my list and finishing 6 of them - YOU ROCK!!! Looks like you are on track!

        Lindabee said...

        Jeez, you make me feel like a slacker.

        Barb said...

        You are doing sooo much....great going!

        Kathy said...

        Is quilting like knittin? So labor intensive that you wouldn't want to sell your wares....just impossible to quantify it. OR
        do you have an etsy store??? I love everything you show on the blog. !

        Kathy said...

        You were able to comment on my blog irisheyes! Thanks


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