Monday, September 27, 2010

Goals NOT

Seems that making a list of goals that I hope to accomplish is not working for me at the moment. The goal list isn't working because I don't always want to work on what I need to work on. So I'm going to try making a list of what I am accomplishing. Feel free not to read as I'm doing this to keep up with my accomplishments and this is subject to change.

1. Found templates for fall Mini
2. Traced templates
3. Fused and cutout fused pieces
4. Cut background
5. Fused pieces to background

1. Sewed fall mini

1.Sewed hexagon flowers
2. Sewed hexagon borders

1. Laid out cottage blocks
2. Cut sashing, inner border and outer border for cottage quilt
3. Sewed  sashings and borders on cottage quilt.
4. Looked shocked at how big the quilt was.
5. Made quilt label for my friend's quilt.

1. Watched the first half of Rachel Ray.
2. Went into bedrm to look at Cottage quilt.
3. Pulled possible fabrics for backing.
4. Threw fabric in floor.
5. Repeat 1 - 4
6. Watched the first half of Wendy Williams.
7. Repeat 2 - 4
Do you see what I didn't do?

1. Picked up pile of fabric out of floor and re-folded. Who did that?
2. Pulled Halloween fabric.
3. Looked for circle template.
4. Finished quilting Bliss and Blessings.

1. Ironed fabric for bindings on  Bliss & Blessings.
2. Cut binding.

I hope you had a great week. Fall is finally here in the DFW area and I hope it stays awhile.

Happy stitching!


Kim D. said...

Looks like you've accomplished quite a lot Cindy! I know the feeling when I have something I want to get finished and can't bring myself to get it done. Keep plugging along and your list will be done in no time.

Yvette said...

I think you got a lot done! Don't sell yourself short.

Summer is here and I hate it.

Fiesta said...

sounds like a very productive week. Congratulations Cindy.


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