Thursday, September 23, 2010

Emilie's Winding Ways

I got started on this quilt. I had this kit for 10 months thinking it was piecing and it was applique'. Amazing what you learn when you read the instructions.

In one day I traced all 56 pieces, sewed all 56 pieces and cut background, corner stones and borders. Whew! No rocking needed for me that night. Betsy sent me a great link for needleturn but I don't know how to do needleturn and I didn't want to learn on this wall hanging. So I used interfacing and sewed on my traced line.
This is after the interfacing had been sewn and the piece cut out.
And this is showing where I cut a slit in the back and one turned. I hope you can see the slit I cut for turning.
And the next picture shows a finished block. I'm so unhappy with it. The instructions said to use needleturn or invisible thread so it would show. Well, mine does.

Yes, I will finish it but I really want to cry every time I look at that block. I won't bore you with another post about Emilie's Winding Ways until much later.

Happy stitching!


Barb said...

You my friend are never boring...

I don't see what is so bad about the block....but you probably had a different idea of what you wanted.

That is alot of work completed in one day!

Barbara said...

I am not a fan of invisible thread because it DOES show in applique like this

the needleturn link does not work - can you check and repost it ?

Yvette said...

What if you used coordinating thread to make it look like fusible applique?


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