Saturday, June 19, 2010


Starting Friday morning I had three days of nothing to do but sew. WOOHOO!! I was so excited and since I wanted to accomplish lots I made a list. No, you can not see my list but I will show you pictures. :D

I'm sure you know what I did with these and this is what I started with Friday morning.

Then I moved on to this fabric. What? You think it doesn't match. Well, it will when the quilt is finished. I used some freezer paper and a little bit of fusible.

I really need to take the tan fabric out of there as I might use it for something else but I might not. You know what I did with these fabrics.

Yes, I worked with this quilt top. You will see more of this quilt on Monday. A certain little someone comes for a visit and goes straight for the quilt top. I will have to hide it better once I get it pin basted.

Friday Accomplished List
2 shirts embroidered for the 2 older boys
2 cute croc blocks
started on an applique' block
3 patterns traced for applique'

Happy stitching!


Fiesta said...

wow, you definetly have been very busy. I am looking forward to seeing these great projects.

Kathleen said...

You accomplished a lot. Can't wait to see how those fabrics go together.

quiltingnana said...

a dream...three did so much

Yvette said...

I love a day when you can go to bed knowing so much was accomplished.

bettyp said...

WOW!! You sure did get alot done !! I am still ripping out.....:(((

Barb said... go girl!!

Pat said...

Looks like you are having a productive few days!!! What FUN!


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