Monday, June 7, 2010

How Cindy embroiders on a towel

I had several people ask me how I did my towels. I hope I haven't left out any steps. None of these ideas are original. I read them somewhere else and I took worked for me and put it to use.
I didn't put thread, scissors, etc because I knew you knew you would have to have those items.

Hoop the sticky stabilizer.
Do Not Hoop the Towel. I can not stress to you enough not to hoop the towel.

Fold towel in half

Center towel on hoop Press towel to stabilizer. Open towel and re-press to stabilizer.

At this point I take my finger and run around the hoop. I want to make sure every thing is stuck real good.

Tear off a piece of Press & Seal and place on top of towel.

You will be stitching on top of the Press & Seal. Stitch your design

All finished stitching the design?

You will need a few more supplies for this next step.
tweezers, patience, favorite cuss word and very good lighting.
I remove the stabilizer from the back first. Be careful not to catch the loops. Sometimes it is hard to see the Press & Seal and that is where you use your favorite cuss word. Mine is d***.

When you have removed all the stabilizer and the Press & Seal, then you are done.
If anyone finds a better way to remove the stabilizer and Press & Seal off, please share with me.

Happy stitching!


Pat said...

Since I don't have an embroidery machine, I won't be doing this, but I read it and had to laugh at the section about using your favorite cuss word!!! LOL Cute!!!

Yvette said...

Thank you! Too bad they don't make wash-away press and seal. LOL!

I need to try this, I have many cuss words in my repertoire. LOL

Barb said...

One day...I am going to get me an embroidery machine...One day!

Fiesta said...

Cindy, thank you for doing a tutorial. It looks great!!
I am going to try this while I am on break.

Rhonda said...

Cindy, this was a great tutorial. Do you mind if I link to your blog fromt the "Wacky" blog????
I think the other Virtual Wackies would love to hear about this.

Sandra Henderson said...

Oh wow! So lovely! I've not purchased an embroidery machine, but friends with them. I can see how you'd really have a lot of fun with yours. Istant gifts for folks and how nice with your grandbaby!
Oh, and those beverages below look so devine! I drink iced tea, living in the south! However, have been drinking more and more iced coffee in the afternoons. I use the leftover and add a dash of cinn, half & half and shake w/ice. So yummy. XO

Anonymous said...

I read over on Rhonda's blog that you had a special embroidery technique you were sharing over hear and she was right! Only I don't own a embroidery machine yet. But I loved how the towel came out and your writing style, ha! ha! ha! Great job. I'm a new follower, ha! ha! ha!


Laurel H. said...

Cindy, you are FUNNY! LOL!


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