Friday, September 4, 2009

Shane Michael

A grandson is very special
He fills your heart with care
So many things in his life
With you he always shares

A grandson gives you memories
You treasure from the start
And best of all these things
He brings contentment to your heart

A grandson is all good things
You've always dreamed of
He gives much happiness
He is love

Lacy is expecting baby # 3 the last week of December. I didn't say anything as we were waiting until she had her sonogram to know the sex of the baby. Of course, we would have loved to have had a girl but God picked another sweet little boy for us. With Greg and Shane only being 1 yr apart I'm thinking it is going to be like having twins in the house. 


Fiesta said...

and a name already picked out? It has such a special ring. I like it. said...

A new baby on the way, thats wonderful! :) Suzie. X

Pat said...

Congratulations to all. I like that name, too.


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