Wednesday, September 30, 2009

For my baby

Lacy has been having some pain in her back, she thinks Shane is using her "vital organs as a trampolene." lol I made her a rice heating pad with a few pointers from Betsy as she had made one before. Lacy loves it and has ordered fabric for me to make her another.

Since I had pink thread in the machine, thought I might as well try to use up some more out of the bobbin so I whipped her up a sleep mask.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


Fiesta said...

Great ideas Cindy. Love the mask and the fabric for the heating pad.
I made a toss game like that for Lily when she was here with soft stuffed squares so that nothing broke in the house and I taught her the spanish colors.

Pat said...

I hope the back pain eases up for Lacy with her rice heating pad!

Jean said...

I love rice bags, I use them for aches and pains, they are wonderful and you can make them any size and shape. Great job!


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