Thursday, January 15, 2009

Shawl progress report

I have 40 rows done on my shawl. 1187 For some reason, I thought that the shawl would only consist of 56 rows, now I'm thinking I was wrong. Never having made this shawl I was just guessing. I had originally thought I would do 10 rows crimson, 5 rows ivory, 10 rows crimson, 5 rows ivory, 15 rows crimson, 10 rows ivory, etc etc. Now I'm thinking I will just stick to the 10 rows crimson and 5 rows ivory.


Kar said...

It's looking great! I think which ever way you go, it will turn out great!

Marie said...

Hi, I love all the beautiful things you crochet.I can only knit or crochet a chain to China as my Mom use to say.I guess I will stay with my quilting but I still have the yen to learn to do it, maybe this year. thanks for the lovely comment and visit, please come again.Hugs, Marie


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