Thursday, May 24, 2012

It's not to late

Barb and Carol are doing a bi-monthly BOM of reindeer. Barb has already applique'd one Reindeer Games quilt and has started on a redwork one. Carol did her's in redwork. Dasher was first and I finished him today. Barb has included the templates for the names if you would rather applique' the names. I cheated and used my embroidery machine for the name. I'm not totally happy with the green and white thread so when I'm out Saturday I will look for some Christmas-y thread.

On Dasher!
This block seems to have got me motivated as besides finishing this block today I also did the following.

  • Finished the Be Grateful block
  • Sandwiched and basted BOTH Lazy Heart quilts
  • Prepped the last Be block Be Joyful
I'm already reading patterns for my next project. 

Happy quilting!!


Lindabee said...

How cute. Glad you're having fun.

Fiesta said...

It does look cute Cindy.


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