Tuesday, December 13, 2011

2012 Towel Swap

If you are signed up for this swap, an invitation to join the yahoo group has been sent.

We still need three two more swappers. If you know anyone that would like to join
the towel swap, please link them to my blog.

February – Toni M.
March – Dawnmarie
April – Toni C., TN
May – Ann Marie
June – Mary Pat V., WI
July – Lacy C., TX
August – Betsy L., FL
October – Linda B., PA
November – Cindy D., TX
December – Barb G., VA

Since January hasn't been picked we will probably start the swap in Feb. Oh and
we have two Toni's.

Please add your info in the database.

Have fun!


Toni said...

No, there is only one Toni C... in TN :) lol Can't wait to start, thanks for hosting this year Cindy!

Dawnmarie said...

I was trying to resist - but I think I'm going to join you - I could do March. I've got some ideas for that month already.

I haven't been in a swap like this before - but I think I get it. I will just be making towels that I send out for March right? Looking forward to swapping with you guys.


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