Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Towel Swap 2012

I'm putting together applique' towel swap. You just can't have too many cute towels made by quilting friends.

Below you will find the guidelines and the available months. Since December is so busy we will vote if we should start it in January or February.

Towels should be 16" x 28"
Embroidery machine is not required. Regular applique' is fine.
Please mail your towels so they arrive no later than the 1st wk of your month.
Towels must be 100% cotton
Any color towel that works with your month/theme

Make 12 towels that reflect your month (think of themes, seasonal, holidayish) – 11 towels you will mail, keeping one for yourself .  If we get 13 swappers, we will add a Birthday Month swapper.  I’ll explain that later if we get 13 swappers.  

You must join the Yahoo Group I’ll set up for this swap.  This is important for several reasons, keeping track of addresses privately and sharing your progress and links.  And yes, you can blog about it!

What I need from you to participate:
Full Mailing Address:
Desired Month 1st & 2nd Choice:
Blog (if you have one – not required):
Email you want to use for Yahoo Group (I’ll send you an invite):
Phone Number (for my purposes only—will not share!):

Pick your month (that is available).  We already have a few months taken, please let me know which month you are interested in:
January – 
February – Toni M.
March – 
April – Toni C., TN
May – 
June – Mary Pat V., WI
July – Lacy C., TX
August – Betsy L., FL
September – 
October – Linda B., PA
November – Cindy D., TX
December – Barb G., VA

I hope we have others who want to join us., you won't be disappointed. I am working on getting us a button.

Happy stitching!

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