Saturday, June 25, 2011

Be Attitude May BOM

I got started early Friday morning working on the May Be Attitude block. My machine gave me fits, the tension was terrible. I changed the needle, I changed the needle size, I cleaned the machine, I changed to a different brand of thread, I changed the bobbin. Nothing was working. I was about ready to throw my hands up in the air when I decided I would re-clean the machine. As I was re-threading the bobbin I saw a tiny piece of lint in the track where the thread would go. The lint was so tiny I could not grip it with my fingers so I used my hemastats. When I got the lint out there was also a tiny piece of plastic, like what is wrapped around thread. Thank goodness my machine purred like a kitten the rest of the day.

Here is May's block.
I started adding buttons.
1 1/2 blocks done, 3 1/2 to go. WOOHOO!!

Happy stitching!


Rhonda said...

What a great block. The buttons are a wonderful touch.

Yvette said...

That turned out great! So glad you figured out your machine, that can be so frustrating.

They all look fantastic together!

kathy b said...

ahh the old lint folly! It is beautiful and I especially ove the pinks involved.

Barb said...

Glad you got it working, I just love the colors you have chosen.


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