Thursday, August 25, 2011

Yarn stuff

Not a very catchy title? Sorry I'm combining yarn, crochet and knooking into one post.

First the yarn.
The pink and red will make two Christmas dresses. I will add the white with silver (below) to make the dresses. The lavender and light pink is used for baby sock yarn. Who knew? A certain yarn for making baby socks.

I have several crochet projects going. I kinda got hung up on crocheting to the point that my fingers started going numb and my entire arm hurt. Overkill? So I had to take a few days off. Plus I've promised myself "no more crocheting or knooking all day and night."

Lacy got me this crochet book.
Of course, I want to make everything in the book. I started with Pig Security Blanket but I stopped because Chelsi's feet are so teeny her socks won't stay on. The socks are in this book also.

I'm also making her a sweater but I only work on that when I go to Sit 'n Stitch. lol I can work on that without counting, that way I can talk.

And last but certainly not least, I've been learning to use the Knook. The first stitch which was the knit stitch came real easy to me and I made several rows. I know so little about knitting I had to google knit stitch so I knew if mine looked right. The next stitch was the Purl stitch, I also had to google to see what it looked like.
Happy stitching!


Barb said...

Oh certainly are a fast and I love the colors....can't wait to see everything finished...I know, you already have them done!

Yvette said...

I can't wait to see everything too! You are making me want to find my old crochet hook.


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