Monday, July 26, 2010

I'm sure it was a man. . . .

. . . that thought of this.
If I had designed this I would have put a closet. Granted it would be a small closet but a small closet is better than a shelf. I hated looking at that.

Well, it isn't perfect but I like it better than without the curtain and I think it will look even better with the ladder back in the garage.

Happy stitching!


Pat said...

It looks much better. We had to do that with a closet in our previous house and my daughter has done it with a closet in her house, too. I suspect you are right...must have been men who designed these kinds of things! LOL

Fiesta said...

Cindy, you are so right! One of the many things a man must have designed. I love how you added that curtain, it looks very romantic. I recognize the days of the week quilt you made, It looks great!!!!

Lacy said...

Looks great!!

Yvette said...

Great idea! Looks great!


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