Tuesday, June 30, 2009



I really goofed on this towel. I think I will blame it on the fact I haven’t felt well this week and wasn’t paying attention. The sunflower is too big for the towel therefore it took up the WHOLE towel. I didn’t care so did a quick fix with more sunflowers.

I know I’m showing a lot of towels but I’m working hard on my cottage blocks and I can’t show those just yet. Maybe this weekend I can get some quilting on another project. Now all of the cottages are going together very well, so far. However, I am not taking any chances on these cottages and I want to get them ready.

Wordless Wednesday


Another blue kitchen towel with a little something added to it.

Happy quilting!

Upside Down Sunshine Cake

Upside Down Sunshine Cake is too yummy! This is another recipe from Megan’s Munchies.

Happy baking!

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